Two additional details (below), showing great exactness in 6 x magnification with the latest computer design application, here manually employed by Tom.

Most of the art depicted on this website was executed over forty years ago. It has been moved around several times and stored in the best storage places practical. Nevertheless some degradation has occurred due to temperature fluctuations and moisture content in the air. It has been carefully photographed with digital camera and reworked by employing latest designer software. Tom Draper gave over two thousand hours of his time to the computer optimisation process between June 2016 and April 2017. This enabled significant enlargement of most images as seen in the examples illustrated below.

YM0017-L Title: 'Morning After' at 140 x 200 cm magnification

Below find details pertaining to 2 more artworks which have been digitally enhanced to enable high magnification as depicted.

The original painting (below is 23.5 x 31 cms.), Note the

degradation above when enlarged six times to 140 x 180 cms.

Below, artwork

number YM0019-L 

Title: 'Lab Dance'

Digitally enhanced image (140 x 180 cms.), through manipulation

with vector design tools and brushes, by hand on computer. 




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The original size of the artwork'Lab Dance' is provided above the second row (23.5 x 31 cms). This size is multiplied 6 times to demonstrate to the viewer of this page at top right,  that the largest art prints (with the catalogue number extension 'L')  will be of outstanding definition through manipulation with digitising software. At top left  of this page see the same print  in an un-enhanced state. In some prints, spacial  texture, acquired through the photographic process, will be retained, thereby enhancing the appeal of the prints. Four other details  of  largest   prints at  full  (up to 2 metres)  size are  also shown above.

A visual explanation of


YM0007-L Title: 'Cross Pollination' at 140 x 179 cm magnification 

Digitising aged artwork with computer software