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by Tom Draper

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Young Masters Gallery art prints on canvas, were available in earlier years as an adjunct to the sale of original paintings. Tom Draper however, owner of the Young Masters Gallery since 1983, never promoted his own art.

​Incidentally, the gallery was founded in 1978 in Brisbane CBD.

Tom decided in early 2017 to make reproductions from original Surreal paintings and drawings which he produced in Europe in the 1970's.  He then digitised the images with the very latest software to remove most signs of degradation. He has re-constructed and enhanced some beyond belief, making them eminently suitable as large wall art canvas prints. 

Tom Draper was also an active photographer in his early years, particularly in the 1950's and early 60's in the sport and science of speleology (caving). Some sixty trips and expeditions across the southern Australian States and WA led to a vast collection of black and white and colour photos. Subsequently to broaden his offer to the general public, he has applied his software skills to the optimisation of some to the best of those early photographic images to large dimensions, enabling him to print photos on canvas too.

All items on stretcher frames include the wrapping of the canvas around all four edges to the back of the timber frame together with securing at the back in a professional manner.

The appearance of the frame edges however may differ. It is recommended that the technique of continuing the image; (a flowing reflection of the image around the edges to the back be employed). THIS PROCEDURE IS


If the buyer wishes to have alternatively plain white (canvas coloured) edges, then this requirement must be mentioned when placing the order.


All printing and framing is executed by the printing house DISPLAY ART IMAGING Ph: (07) 5474 2100, at their new printing and framing workshop in the Industrial Lane, Unit 2/170  Eumundi Noosa Road, Noosaville; (just off Eumundi-Noosa Road near the car wash and behind an electrical wholesaler).


Local pick up is at Display Art Imaging, Unit 2/170 Eumundi-Noosa Road, Noosaville.  Operating hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


All dispatch is made from Display Art Imaging at Unit 2/170 Eumundi-Noosa Road, Noosaville. 


Items for freight are wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in corrugated cardboard.

Freight costs are calculated and quoted in reply to the prospective buyers' EMAIL CONTACT FORM. No freight price guide can be given in advance due to the extreme variety of delivery circumstances.  

You will have no obligation to buy until we receive from you approval of the freight cost we shall quote to you by return email; on top of the item/s list price/s.

Delivery should be on average within three (3) working days from the time we receive your order. 


Your payment is by PayPal to the invoice we email to you. The invoice will include printing, framing, packaging and 10% GST plus Freight where applicable. The invoice is prepared according to the instructions we receive from you on our  Contact Email:   'Make Enquiry_Place Order_Stay in Touch Form' please complete the Contact Form and return to us. 

Reiteration and further details to be found below the Contact form.